MPD is designed around a client/server architecture, where the clients and server (MPD is the server) interact over a network. Thus, running MPD is only half of the equation. To use MPD, you need to install a MPD client (aka MPD interface).

This is an (incomplete) list of free and open source MPD clients.

Command-line Clients

mpc - a solid, lightweight, simple mpd client, written in C.

Console Clients

ncmpc - A curses client written in C++.

pms - A console client written in Go with vi-like interface.

vimpc - A curses client with vi-like key bindings.

pimpd2 - Feature-packed cli client with interactive shell and regex queries.

Web Clients

netjukebox the flexible media share - netjukebox is a web-based media jukebox for MPD, VideoLAN and Winamp/httpQ.

MPD.FM - A mobile-ready web client focussed on playing internet radio stations

PiFi Radio - A minimalist web client to listen to radio.

RompЯ - A mobile-ready and desktop web client

cyp - A responsive web client based on ws2mpd with Youtube-dl integration

ympd - a web GUI written in C, using websockets and bootstrap.js

Graphical Clients

Cantata - A Qt client.

CoverGrid - A client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD), focusing on albums instead of single tracks

Quimup - QUIMUP is a client for the music player daemon (MPD) written in C++ and QT3 with focus on mouse handling and drag and drop.

Skympc - Yet anthoer QT(5) Client

Xfce4-mpc-plugin - Plugin for Xfce4 Panel

Xfmpc - A graphical GTK+ MPD client focusing on low footprint


M.A.L.P. - A mpd client for Android

MPDroid - A modern MPD Client for Android

Unmaintained Clients

ncmpcpp - A curses client written in C++ tailored after ncmpc.

ario - Another GTK based client.

gmpc(Gnome Music Player Client) - A fully featured client.

QMPDClient - Qt4 based mpd client, originally developed by Håvard Tautra Knutsen. Set of patches developed by community was then called “QMPDClient-ne”. Now it became mainline

Sonata - Client, now ported to Gtk3. At the writing time - more recent, compared to some other gtk clients.

mpdscribble - scrobbler


There are many more clients. Please help and add them to this list.